Creative Consulting for Leaders and Business Owners


Have you ever had that nagging feeling that your leadership journey is missing a key ingredient?

Or how about the weight of solitude as a business owner, struggling to spark innovation, inspire your team, or navigate change?

Enlist us as your go-to source for fresh ideas and your strategic partner in discovering untapped possibilities within your business.

Whether it's reshaping your company culture, elevating customer experiences, or brainstorming creative go-to-market strategies, our Creative Consulting opens the door to transformation.

Don't ponder over potential—seize it.

Meet you consultants:

Meet Daniel Lewis, an internationally celebrated keynote speaker and thought leader. 
His mission?
To infuse your organization with the dynamic forces of personality, people-centric leadership, and creative problem-solving.
Teaming up with his brother, the award-winning videographer Jonathan Lewis, and our creative team, we embark on adventures, with companies just like yours, to uncover that missing piece for your business.



Did you know?
Businesses that actively seek external consulting experience a 10% faster growth rate than those that rely solely on internal strategies? Embrace the power of external perspectives with House of Lewis Consulting and fast-track your journey to success.


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