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2 Box - Ethically Sourced Black Tea - Single Origin Premium Orange Pekoe (72 Tea Bags)

2 Box - Ethically Sourced Black Tea - Single Origin Premium Orange Pekoe (72 Tea Bags)

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PEKOE Orange Pekoe Black Tea is your go-to choice for a premium tea experience. Here's how to get the best out of your cup:

Steeping Instructions:
- Use 1 tea bag per 8oz cup
- Boil water to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit)
- For a smooth, balanced cup, steep for 3 minutes
- For a bolder flavour, steep for 4-5 minutes

What Makes This Product Special:
PEKOE stands for "People Expressing Kindness Over Everything," and this ethos is infused in every aspect of our tea. Our Orange Pekoe Black Tea is ethically sourced from the rich soils of Africa, ensuring that each sip supports fair wages and sustainable farming practices. Certified by Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance, you can trust that your choice is making a positive impact.

- Premium Quality: Enjoy a full-bodied, olive-noted tea that offers an exquisite flavour profile.

- Ethical and Sustainable: Feel good knowing your tea is sourced responsibly, supporting both people and the planet.

- Convenient Packaging: Each box contains biodegradable tea bags, perfect for easy brewing anytime, anywhere.

- Versatile Brewing: Customize your tea strength by adjusting the steeping time to your preference.

Choose PEKOE for a tea experience that is both delightful and meaningful. Sip with purpose and enjoy the perfect cup every time.

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