The Lewis Brothers

The Lewis Brothers



Jonathan Lewis: Award Winning Videographer, Top 6 Wedding Videographer in Toronto, Certified Drone Pilot and Adobe Motion Graphics Specialist

Jonathan Lewis, the creative force behind Jonathan Productions, is a seasoned videographer renowned for crafting high-quality highlight reels. Specializing in creating compelling visual stories for corporate speakers, keynote addresses, and esteemed thought leaders, Jonathan takes pride in delivering personalized services that resonate with audiences long after the spotlight fades. With a wealth of experience, his exceptional work has left an indelible mark on renowned brands, including Dominos Pizza, Permacon, L'oreal Canada, March Of Dimes, Ford Lincoln, Femme De Carriere, and Copper Branch. Certified as a Drone Pilot and Adobe Motion Graphics Specialist, Jonathan brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic finesse to every project.


Daniel Lewis: Certified Tea Master Sommelier,
Award Winning Founder, Author & International Speaker 

Daniel Lewis, an international keynote speaker, self-published author, and founder of an award-winning tea company, embodies an unwavering passion for empowering thought leaders and businesses. With a journey marked by entrepreneurial resilience and an unwavering pursuit of impact, Daniel's commitment revolves around people-centric leadership, creating exceptional customer experiences, and a steadfast belief in the power of "WHY." His certification as a Tea Sommelier reflects a brand of tea that transcends mere sipping; it's a holistic experience symbolizing community, warmth, and unity. From grassroots origins to serving His Majesty King Charles III, Daniel's tea journey is a blend of resilience and innovation. Daniel's keynote speeches, spanning personal and brand development to resilience and change management, are a harmonious mix of motivation and practical insights, engaging audiences across North America and beyond. Beyond the spotlight and teapot, Daniel embraces new creative ventures, storytelling pursuits, and advocates for causes close to his heart. His mission is to inspire and leave a trail of positiviTEA everywhere he goes.

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